Engulfed within a sheer yet incomplete moment.
Looming insecurities abundant, a luminous cellar door.
A pounding together of bodily and mindly organs.
The meaningless stringing together of thoughts and what results of them.
The eternal churn between the yearning and the never had.

A bobby grazes a little less than gently against the skull,
Like the swift and dutiful grazing of grass or tall hedges, perhaps a rose bush.
Captivated by the ticks and tocks that create a moment,
An instantaneously brief period of momentum and prosperity.
The opulent gospel of human churnings.

Unbound and enthralled like a confessional booth.
A fixation of the nostrils upon diseased infestations; unlikely vessels.
A marriage between abhorrence and hankering.
The trivialities dance and frolic about, drowning out this resilient silence.
The churn between beats, the con-fusion of the space between the two poles.


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