Photographs from You Are A Mimic are going to be featured in a group show opening tomorrow night.

This is the statement released by the curator about Re.Production.

“Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” – Andy Warhol

Printmaking is an ancient form of art making. From text to imaging we can thank this practice for increasing the accessibility of information and education globally. Even since Andy Warhol’s Factory the integrity of artwork that is reproducible is still not held in the same regard as one that is a “one off”. Therefore Polymorph Art Gallery is providing a platform for contemporary artists who make work that can be reproduced in aim to dispel such myths.

Hand prints like screen, lino, mono and stencils change slightly with each edition, and like Chinese whispers, may end up completely different from the original. Photographic print making can vary from the darkroom, to the digital printer, to the photocopier. Even sculptors who work with moulding and casting can be considered print makers, producing copies of objects that they have translated artistically.

Opening night is on Tuesday 6th October, 7.30-9pm and the gallery details are as follows:
Level 1 7/82 Enmore Rd,
Newtown, Australia 2042

Tues + Wed: 11am – 7pm
Thurs, Fri + Sat: 11am – 8pm
Sunday: 12noon – 6pm


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