I’m feeling really honoured to have been accepted at this next exhibition held by At the Vanishing Point (alongside my great friend Hayley Hill).  I’ll be presenting my Mimic videos, but I’m actually more excited by the sound of all the other amazing works that are being presented!  It looks set to be a really unique show with an eclectic mix of emerging artists and fascinating performers!  Don’t miss it!

15 – 25 July 2010
curated by Brendan Penzer

Opening launch spectacular: Thursday 15 July 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Growing out of the avante-garde and conceptual art of the 1960s, performance in visual art – performance art – now more-than-ever is being utilised by artists in communicating and developing their ideas across a number of mediums, platforms and places.

Performance based and inspired visual art stretches across the gamut of emotions, sensations and affect. From the intimate, to the gestural, the manic to the meditative, it can take place anywhere, anytime – lasting seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and sometimes even years.

From the artist as performer, to the audience as performer, performance based and performance inspired contemporary visual art often challenges audiences to think in new and unconventional ways about art, self, culture and the world around them.

actingUP offers a diverse smorgasbord of performance treats; from the live to the documentary, the abject to the interactive, the critical to the comedic. Featuring 15 local, interstate and international individual and collaborative artists, the performance based and inspired art of actingUP draws upon such disciplines as sound art, theatre, painting, drawing, video, documentary, photography, and, critical & conceptual discourses.

Alexandra Unger (UK), Ana Nusdorfer Carter, Cuntstruct (VIC), Goran Tomic, Hayley Hill, Irnin Khan, Jan Cornall, Jeffrey Hamilton, mark dahl (CAN), Marya Elimelakh, Michelle Cox, Pineapple Park, SandS through the hourglass, Susannah Williams, The Academy of Emergency Art – Sydney.

When: Thursday July 15th, 6-9pm
Where: ATVP, 565 King St, Newtown


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