Photograph by Irnin Khan from the series, ‘You Are A Regurgitator’

Generally, Mondays are a bit of a pill, right?  Marking the end of glorious weekends and the start of the working week and so on and so forth.  So, how to turn this negative into a positive? Read on…

I’m a little bit of an OCD organisational freak… and that side of me kind of loves to start new projects and goals on a Monday (or the 1st of the month… and if that happens to fall on a Monday, you can pretty much count on me imploding from excitement).  Anything from a new diet or exercise regime to sewing socks, making candles or organising massive loads of mail and receipts.  When I get into project mode with these kinds of things on a Monday, it’s all that circulates around my brain for a while… and I can’t help being a little bit in love with Mondays like this one… where I don’t have to go out to work and can instead stay home and putter around with my projects and get high from making more (often unachievable) to do lists!

What are Mondays like for you? Anything special or just another day?


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