Nine ways to let go of a snag in your day:

1. Blast very sing-able tunes directly into your ear. (e.g. you took the words right out of my mouth! must’ve been while you were kissin me….)

2. Say LALALALALALA…. very loudly in your mind until the general annoyed feeling dissipates.

3. Expend incredible concentration on something detailed, like a sketch.

4. Have a quick power nap and hope your subconscious has something juicy for your eyes to feast upon.

5. Don’t relate the negativity to anyone else – often, talking about it will just get you riled up again.

6. Talk to someone who makes you laugh your ass off… and allow them to make you leave the conversation ass-less.

7. Focus on another form of obsession instead, such as a crush or the one that got away, the painful unrequited love or the chipped nail you can’t file.

8. Watch something full of melodrama and get caught up in it, like Dawson’s Creek… Oh Pacey!

9. In the words of Gaga… Just dance.


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