Fighting off a returning cold is pretty much the most annoying habitual sickness for me.  My body is the battleship, and no matter how much I tell myself to work through it and try to practice the mind over matter ethos… the stupid, runny nose eventually betters me.

Of course, Codral usually comes through to save the day… but unfortunately for me, it neither works instantaneously nor does it fill me with boundless energy.  In fact, aside from  the chafed nose (from continuous tissue abuse) and the growl that’s taking up permanent residence in my throat (real attractive huh), I have to say the worst thing is feeling so fatigued and letting Codral knock me out for hours on end during the day.

I like my sleep as much as anybody, even more so now after years of insomniac ways… but nodding off at 11am, after a 9.30 wake up may be a tad excessive, no?  Gluttonous really.  Being a person that’s used to working and being on the go 18 hours a day, all I can say is, I’m SO ready for this game of Battleship to be over.


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