Having been quite unsatisfied with certain elements of my current work situation, this disposable job hunter decided to stalk after some new prey… in the form of casual retail-expert positions.  The latest in group interviews it seems, is using a reality TV mode of elimination.  They give you a group activity to complete in a short space of time, and observe (i.e. sit quietly at the round table and scribble notes furiously as your group of 7 or 8 interacts). Then the judges, I mean… interviewers, reconvene outside the room and come back to separate you into two groups- one that continues, and one whose retail journey ends here.  I made it through this first elimination, to find myself strategically paired up with a boy whose personality traits and strengths seemed to be uncannily similar to my own (good work on pairing, said company). We were then asked to “get to know each other” within 10 mins and perform a 1min act to sell them as a christmas casual to the judges (I mean, interviewers).  I belted out the cheer from Bring It On (I’m sexy, I’m cute … etc.), changing all the words to retail qualities, and my partner sold me as a retail-robot as I stood and made robot motions and whirred.

Rushing off to a massage job straight after, within 20mins of working in the broker’s area, I found myself in the background of a news-stock report on Sky News.  Most famous masseuse-to-be-massaging-stockbrokers-on-national-television in history? I think yes.


5 thoughts on “A brief Introduction to Disposable Job-Hunter’s Adventures

  1. Retail? With your creative spirit…. You know with your online profile building, creative agencies might be interested in what you could offer.

    Good luck with your job hunting 🙂


    1. Thanks Dave. Retail’s only a casual position don’t worry… I won’t be building a career there haha.

      And I don’t even what I would be offering to creative agencies in terms of online profile building.. is there even a need for that kind of thing?


  2. Oh, I don’t know apparently people do that sort of thing, and really your CV is just your internet pressence. Art school grads are a fluid bunch of people, how else could we survive. Before art teaching I was a truck driver, storeman, bartender, waiter, farmhand but hey never did corporate massage!


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