In a genuine effort to challenge myself (as per my resolutions), I thought it might be interesting to take on the 30 Day Vegan Challenge this month.  Without a doubt, breaking habits is arduous at best, and forging new ones in their place is even more grueling.  But I think it might make for a compelling experiment to agitate my normal routines, thus creating the need to foster unfamiliar ones in their place. As much as our daily habits are a result of our unique set of personality traits, it may be more of a symbiotic relationship that we realize. I suspect our dispositions are also greatly affected by diet, exercise, the positivity-negativity ratio in our daily interactions and the various other seemingly insignificant practices we’re accustomed to.  So my first testing of this theory will be through turning my diet upside down. From here on out, it’s vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains all the way! Will embracing the vegan lifestyle make me leaner? Meaner? Happier? Sappier (towards animal cruelty)? I’ll get back to you in April.

But in the meanwhile, I’ll attempt to record my weekly progress in a post, and thought it might be fun to also keep a daily, illustrated record of my food intake. A food diary of sorts! Here’s a peek at the progress so far…



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