At the end of my first week as a vegan, I was exhausted but determined.  While I was managing a much more balanced diet than I had as a vegetarian, the first week found me struggling to find suitable food that could be prepared quickly enough to fit into my busy schedule.  I’d become more attached to my poached egg first thing in the morning than I realised, and for a few days found myself at a loss as to how to attain that boost of energy otherwise. I eventually resorted to substituting that egg for two glasses of water. As for the other two main meals, with limited time to expend on the matter, I settled for an abundance of fruits, vegetables, bread and low-blood-sugar-swooning.  My motto became, “when in stomach-growling hunger, drink copious amounts of water until it subsides”.

Week two has seen me take to more packaged foods than I should.  To be fair, I think part of this is due to my uni assessment based on logos… since I started it, I can’t stop obsessively finding them everywhere I turn. Whilst avoiding animal products has become markedly easier, cravings have become my number one challenge. I’ve noticed that whenever I’m unfocused or unoccupied, my mind tries to convince me that I’m hungry! And as soon as the thought enters, I can’t seem to banish it with any other action than eating! I’ve become especially debilitated by the power of suggestion.  A person might casually mention pizza and my brain starts screaming “CHEESE!! CHEEEESE!!!”, and although I won’t feel driven to the fridge instantly to stare at a block of cheese longingly, I also can’t stop thinking about it for a good five minutes or so.  I’ve always suspected that I’m partial to trivial addictions, and now I know it to be true.  This has happened to me a few times before, the last being when I thought I’d been consuming far too much bread and decided to go cold turkey.  The upside there was that about three or four weeks later, my brain calmed down. I stopped having bread-dreams and the cravings went away.

I can only hope this will hold true for this challenge too. Fingers crossed. Craving cheese, but determined.


2 thoughts on “Cheese Cravings

  1. Irnin! A water breakfast is awful!

    Try substituting your morning egg with some tempeh it is packed full of protein so it will kick start your brain for the day. Another suggestion is tofu and mushrooms or how about a vegan muffin – you have the skills to whip those up.


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