I have finished shopping and am sitting out on the bench waiting. He lifts a finger towards me, the same way he gestures to waiters, to indicate that he’s seen me. Suddenly, I notice that my Dad looks like he’s about to go skiing (bundled in a beanie, overcoat and “muffler”), especially next to the checkout boy dressed in a short sleeved shirt. Watching him almost waddling around in his million layers of clothing, I struggle to stifle my laughter at the spectacle. Leaving with his groceries, change still in hand, he suddenly stops with a startled expression clouding over his face. He begins looking around on the floor, patting down his pockets, doing 360 degree waddle-turns as he walks back and forth from the checkout… all the while not noticing that his daughter looks like she is having a psychotic fit from laughing so hard. Eventually, he walks towards me dejectedly and announces “I lost my damn change!”  Fighting back tears of laughter from the cartoon he just put on, I ask, “how much did you lose?” No answer. Long pause. He pats his pocket and says “Oh wait, I put it in my breast pocket!!”

“How much did you think you had lost?”, I press. He hesitantly answers “$1.15” and as I once again burst into laughter, he says “$1.15 is no small amount you know… That’s 100 taka we’re talking about”*

Aaah, never a dull moment with my father around.

* taka is the national currency of Bangladesh


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