As July marks the beginning of another financial year, I’ve decided to celebrate new beginnings. Starting with the end of my Master’s degree in early June, many things in my life seemed determinedly headed for a shake up… I bid a sad farewell to my first car, White Lightning, and with the loss of that one mode of transportation, found myself suddenly unemployed for the first time since I was 16. It really felt like the end of an era.

White LightningWhite Lightning and I

It’s been a mixture of strange and exhilarating, going from not having enough hours in the day to get everything done, to not having to be accountable for a single hour of my day. Sadly, despite my best efforts to rest after years of constantly being busy, I am starting to get just a little bit stir crazy from the overwhelming inactivity. So in the spirit of reigning in a faux-new year, I decided to write some new resolutions for myself. In a different approach to my usual, I thought I’d try my hand at resolutions for the month for a change. Alongside my constants of “eat healthier, exercise more”, I also wanted a way to break my bloggers’ block. So I have vowed to make something daily, and record and share it here. Throughout the month, I’ll attempt to interpret this brief both literally, visually, symbolically and laterally.


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