In my early teen years, I was an obsessive diary writer.. and that’s putting it mildly. I eventually had to force myself to stop writing because, being as fixated as I was on recording every minute detail of every day, I was at least several weeks behind on my entries. Since then, in an effort to learn the art of editing and save myself from the inevitable fate of carpal tunnel and/or arthritis, I’ve taken to lists.

Towards the end of a year/the beginning of a new one, aside from the usual resolutions and stuff, I like to make a little record of things I’ve achieved over the year… big things, little things, strange things, memorable things.


1. I became a Master, by finishing my postgrad studies in design.

2. After talking about it for many years, I finally took hip hop dance classes. It was amazingly fun… and then I decided to stretch myself with a jazz class straight after hip hop one night. I was mesmerized by a beautiful male dancer flying through the air and doing a spinning thing and trying to do the same… and suddenly, I was on my ass, being helped up by an Indian guy (who was definitely less coordinated than I, and yet he still managed to not fall down).  And seeing as one of my number one rules in life is ‘never return to a place where you have fallen on your ass in front of a large group of people’, that was the end of that.

3. I finally started designing and making real jewellery! I’m currently working on producing a limited run of my best pieces from the last collection, and designing a new collection!

4. I published an opinion piece over at Your Friends House about how watching copious amounts of SVU has made me think that every stranger who smiles at me for no reason could be a rapist.  My girl friends’ reaction: “YES. I totally identify with this”. My guy friends swayed between “Ummm, I feel uncomfortable because it sounds like you are making fun of rape” and “Whoa, girls are cray”. I learned so much about gender dynamics!

5. I learned ALOT about social media through my first internship at a gallery. I wish I could say I didn’t still wish I was successful enough to not have to manage my own though.

6. At my second internship with the fashion label stylestalker, I stepped into the role of photographer’s assistant for a day (after avoiding it like the plague for many years) and realised it wasn’t half bad. It actually made me want to pick up a camera again! I also learned a bunch of useful things about the intersection of fashion and graphics, and officially became a fan of youtube and other internet tutorials. People are SO helpful!

7. I somehow learned to become less attached to material things. Not quite sure how it happened… Looking back, it feels like I just woke up one day and felt really claustrophobic about all the STUFF that was everywhere. Since then, while it may not look like I’ve made much of a dent in getting rid of said ‘stuff’, I know the biggest step has already been taken… emotional detachment.

8. I made the gym a part of daily life again… to the point where I no longer feel like my feet will explode from heat exhaustion when I put them into sneakers during the summer months.

9. I went on a blind date. It wasn’t even super-awkward.

10. I re-read my childhood diaries and came to appreciate what a funny/nerdy/awesome 9yr old I was (and how utterly unaware I was of it). My descriptive entries about just receiving looks from the opposite sex around 13 were a bit alarming though.
What were some of your highlights?


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