Another obsessive habit I’m trying to outgrow this year is my proclivity for accumulating strange collections. I’m starting with my collection of train tickets, which has been in place since 2003. I’ve always vowed (as with most of my other collections) that I’ll do something with them someday, but a decade is probably long enough to wait for that inspiration to strike. While it feels quite strange to let go of it after such a prodigious effort, it’s also a bit of a cathartic release. Like most collections, it’s not only about the objects being collected, but about the marking of time and place. By letting go of this collection, ten years worth of memories of journeys are being released into the ether (or in this case, into the recycling bin). I’m feeling really motivated to start letting go of past baggage, in order to make room for new experiences and adventures. Right now, I can only imagine what it will feel like to come home with my next train ticket and throw it in the recycling, as opposed to adding it to the chronologically ordered piles.  But I’m sure the disorientation will pass, and soon it will feel like the mental cleanse it was intended to be.

train tickets


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