Dear Journal,
It is beautiful beyond compare here in Fethiye. There are puppies who sleep on the footpaths and men sitting on the boats in the marina who yell comments at you in turkish when you walk past. The weather is balmy but not stifling.

Up until the day before yesterday, I was living in a hostel where it is almost always buzzing. We would sit on the terrace in the evenings and enjoy the light breezes of spring. It is the perfect temperature for sitting outside, sipping on something ice-cold and letting your laughs trill out onto the marina.

Now I am living with another girl at her beautiful and quaint little house on the edge of old town, just a ten minute walk from my old abode. You walk up a set of winding stone steps and just when you’re about to lose your breath, you reach a ornate, metal gate in front of a blue door. The accents of blue run throughout the house. I was so overwhelmingly grateful to shower somewhere where the toilet is not under the shower head, that I almost began to weep.

During the days, I work mostly in solitude and feel surprised at my competence in getting the work done.

I think I might have fractured my arm in Bangladesh last week. I haven’t had it looked at yet because I was certain it would be okay by now.. but now I am getting quite scared.. why oh why didn’t I get insurance?

I am actually missing everything more than I thought I would.. never thought I would feel so homesick. I am missing all my family and friends, as well as my usual routines and activities. I’m trying to adjust as best I can. Everyday is a little easier than the last. And the panoramic views don’t hurt at all!



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