According to my journal, all of these things happened sometime around my fourth week in Fethiye, Turkey:

1. I had my first baklava in Turkey (SO different to any baklava I’ve ever tasted before – this was much, much sweeter).

2. I fell in love with the Turkish pastries from a bakery just minutes from my workplace.

Pastries, Fethiye - IK

3. I indulged in a day of eating pide, lying on the beach, dipping in the ocean and lazy-but-stimulating post-swim towel-talk with an amazing new friend.

Pide, Fethiye - IK Oludeniz Beach, Fethiye - IK Oludeniz, Fethiye - IK

4. During an afternoon break from work, I ate the best fish sandwich inside a fishing boat and shopped at the weekly Tuesday market, where the shopkeepers (cat-)called me names like “Turkish Angel” and “Jennifer Lopez”.

Fish Sandwich, Fethiye - IK Fish Boat, Fethiye - IK Fishing Boat, Fethiye - IK

5. I was stunned into actually stopping for a street salesman. His line was, “Excuse me, are you from Bangladesh?” First time that has ever happened to me. EVER. And of course my mind immediately jumped to “Does he… KNOW ME somehow?! A friend of my dad perhaps??” Although my dad does know basically every Bengali person through maybe 4 degrees of separation max, I’m pretty certain this instance was that whole thing of living in a small town where everyone knows your name… and all your business!

6. I hiked to the Lycian tombs to see a truly breathtaking view of the sunset from there.

Tombs, Fethiye - IK Tombs, Fethiye - IK Sunset, Fethiye - IK

And an amazing week it was! I must admit, there are still many parts of me that are aching to be back in Turkey!


2 thoughts on “One week in Fethiye, May 2013

  1. I think about and miss Fethiye pretty much every day! Loved the night we spent folding (…re-folding?) brochures and talking life and playing silly games. So glad to have met you there.

    Happy Trails,


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