My most recent collection of jewellery is inspired by the half year I spent living in and loving a little town on the south coast of Turkey, called Fethiye. Aside from the scenes of my daily life there being a sumptuous feast for the eyes, I was drawn to the ornamentalism present within every aspect of Turkish life. From the endless variation of the ‘evil eye’ showing up everywhere, to the richness of tile patterns… I came to see that sometimes more is more! Here lies a look into the depths of my romance with Fethiye: a love letter in jewellery form.

From Feti, with Love

street viewstreet view earrings - IK

Almost every street was lined with beautiful combinations of colour and texture.

dockyarddockyard necklace - IK

A dockyard in Fethiye…  filled with character and so many OH&S violations!

eggplant drop earrings - IKeggplant eggplant bracelet - IK

And of course, food was a huge part of the turkish experience!

To see more pieces from this collection, please visit the Irninology Facebook page.

To place orders or to see the full catalogue, please feel free to email me.


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