Jewellery Bar

Since my return from overseas, I’ve been working away on a new collection of jewellery…

Inspired by the marriage of hard and soft materials, the Jewellery Bar collection draws upon geometry and boho-chic to create an eclectic range of statement pieces for the girl of contradictions; the one who curates her personal brand as a fusion of contrasting elements.

Jewellery Bar by Irninology

This collection, alongside many new pieces of jewellery, will be exclusively available for purchase at the Sydney Etsy Xmas market this coming Saturday, November 28th 2015.


Are You Satisfied?

As you may have guessed by the trend of my posts in the past year, I’ve become quite invested in different theories of life satisfaction and wellbeing.  Last semester at uni, I got the chance to explore this in the way of creating a stop-motion infographic.  I had so much fun learning animation (fledgling steps as they may be) and putting the whole project together.  It was really satisfying to bring my ideas to life.

‘Are You Satisfied?’ is a response to the ubiquitous need for balance in daily life, as this is the ultimate key to achieving sound health and wellbeing.

Modern life places a large emphasis on wealth and thus, it’s easy to believe money is a fast track to happiness. While it is linked to wellbeing, it’s not our bank balance, but rather the balance between our social relationships, our contribution to the world and our level of self-satisfaction, which has the largest effect on our state of wellbeing.