Time Travel

Day 12

I had a dream where I traveled back in time to when I was in yr 6, and I was in a state of being my 24 year old self in my 11 year old body. It’s been a long time since I thought about how much I’ve changed since then… but I was inspired me to write a letter to my younger self. Here are some outtakes.


(Aritificial) Life Drawing

Day 4

A lot of the art and design work I’ve done flirts with the notion of rigidity (or lack thereof) in the analogue/digital dichotomy.

I wanted to explore this again with a quick digital drawing (the source being a sketch from a life drawing class).

Creative July

As July marks the beginning of another financial year, I’ve decided to celebrate new beginnings. Starting with the end of my Master’s degree in early June, many things in my life seemed determinedly headed for a shake up… I bid a sad farewell to my first car, White Lightning, and with the loss of that one mode of transportation, found myself suddenly unemployed for the first time since I was 16. It really felt like the end of an era.

White LightningWhite Lightning and I

It’s been a mixture of strange and exhilarating, going from not having enough hours in the day to get everything done, to not having to be accountable for a single hour of my day. Sadly, despite my best efforts to rest after years of constantly being busy, I am starting to get just a little bit stir crazy from the overwhelming inactivity. So in the spirit of reigning in a faux-new year, I decided to write some new resolutions for myself. In a different approach to my usual, I thought I’d try my hand at resolutions for the month for a change. Alongside my constants of “eat healthier, exercise more”, I also wanted a way to break my bloggers’ block. So I have vowed to make something daily, and record and share it here. Throughout the month, I’ll attempt to interpret this brief both literally, visually, symbolically and laterally.

Fuzzy and Fatigued No More!

Today marks my first day back into the land of non-vegan. I can honestly say that there’s a lot of good things to have come out of the 30 Day challenge, the first being the knowledge that I persevered. Surprising myself and proving the ounce of self-control I feared I was strongly lacking, is worth a lot more than I thought it would be. I love vegetables and fruit, and wish I’d had more time to cook up feasts as I have done for the past week… tofu with couscous, grilled mushrooms and vegetarian sausages being the highlights.  I realized how little I actually depend on meat in regular diet, and didn’t miss it all that much either; and with my newfound love of tofu, compounded with lentils etc. I could probably slide by without a lot of meat in the future.

Admittedly, while I was running around between work and uni relentlessly, namely the first three weeks of the challenge, I was eating terribly- not enough healthy food, and really just not enough food! A whole lot of junk food was had! Shameful amounts really.  And because junk food doesn’t really fill you up at all, I found I was also constantly hungry and consuming ridiculous portions! Another unfortunate side effect of not eating well was the lack of concentration to any task, despite my personal despot-determination when it came to school work, and the fatigue. OH the fatigue!!! The worst part was that because I wasn’t concentrating properly, I wasn’t getting as much done during the day as I should have been, leading to staying up most of the night and upon completion, sleeping like the dead. Vicious cycle. Not to mention that if I happened upon a nap in the late afternoon/ evening slot, I was physically unable to revive myself from the seemingly-eternal slumber til a minimum of 4hrs later!! During the last week, when I’ve finally had time to cook (and I love the cooking), it’s definitely been a much more pleasant experience.

Today, I awoke, crept into the kitchen cautiously, scared of the great possibility of becoming overwhelmed by food choices. Deciding to keep it simple, I went with my poached egg breakfast, and in all the excitement, forgot to turn off the stove afterward!  Not wanting to over-do it too quickly, I left it at that until my late afternoon lunch, which I’d planned weeks in advance- pizza.  I am simultaneously proud and ashamed to say that I put it away, all by myself, in less than an hour. Personal best and worst all in one.  No dinner, and redemption tomorrow with gym time!  But worth it…. sadly, heck yes.

The Vegan Diaries.  Over and out.

Cheese Cravings

At the end of my first week as a vegan, I was exhausted but determined.  While I was managing a much more balanced diet than I had as a vegetarian, the first week found me struggling to find suitable food that could be prepared quickly enough to fit into my busy schedule.  I’d become more attached to my poached egg first thing in the morning than I realised, and for a few days found myself at a loss as to how to attain that boost of energy otherwise. I eventually resorted to substituting that egg for two glasses of water. As for the other two main meals, with limited time to expend on the matter, I settled for an abundance of fruits, vegetables, bread and low-blood-sugar-swooning.  My motto became, “when in stomach-growling hunger, drink copious amounts of water until it subsides”.

Week two has seen me take to more packaged foods than I should.  To be fair, I think part of this is due to my uni assessment based on logos… since I started it, I can’t stop obsessively finding them everywhere I turn. Whilst avoiding animal products has become markedly easier, cravings have become my number one challenge. I’ve noticed that whenever I’m unfocused or unoccupied, my mind tries to convince me that I’m hungry! And as soon as the thought enters, I can’t seem to banish it with any other action than eating! I’ve become especially debilitated by the power of suggestion.  A person might casually mention pizza and my brain starts screaming “CHEESE!! CHEEEESE!!!”, and although I won’t feel driven to the fridge instantly to stare at a block of cheese longingly, I also can’t stop thinking about it for a good five minutes or so.  I’ve always suspected that I’m partial to trivial addictions, and now I know it to be true.  This has happened to me a few times before, the last being when I thought I’d been consuming far too much bread and decided to go cold turkey.  The upside there was that about three or four weeks later, my brain calmed down. I stopped having bread-dreams and the cravings went away.

I can only hope this will hold true for this challenge too. Fingers crossed. Craving cheese, but determined.

Adios to Meat, Cheese, Milk and Eggs

In a genuine effort to challenge myself (as per my resolutions), I thought it might be interesting to take on the 30 Day Vegan Challenge this month.  Without a doubt, breaking habits is arduous at best, and forging new ones in their place is even more grueling.  But I think it might make for a compelling experiment to agitate my normal routines, thus creating the need to foster unfamiliar ones in their place. As much as our daily habits are a result of our unique set of personality traits, it may be more of a symbiotic relationship that we realize. I suspect our dispositions are also greatly affected by diet, exercise, the positivity-negativity ratio in our daily interactions and the various other seemingly insignificant practices we’re accustomed to.  So my first testing of this theory will be through turning my diet upside down. From here on out, it’s vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains all the way! Will embracing the vegan lifestyle make me leaner? Meaner? Happier? Sappier (towards animal cruelty)? I’ll get back to you in April.

But in the meanwhile, I’ll attempt to record my weekly progress in a post, and thought it might be fun to also keep a daily, illustrated record of my food intake. A food diary of sorts! Here’s a peek at the progress so far…