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I recently came across the term “Flawgust”, coined by columnist Caitlin Moran in this article, where she ties together the embracing of flaws with August or something? It’s actually a fun read offering a host of strange and hilarious month concepts. Whilst charities have not yet jumped on board with Flawgust, as in the case of Movember or Dry July, I think it’s definitely got potential, both from an angle of hilarity and one of wellness.

Feeling a bit inspired, I’ve decided to go ahead and publicly own a flaw of mine: incessant web-stalking. For a long time I’ve been hesitant to claim it as a flaw, as I have to admit I’m good enough at it to dually claim it in my top 5 of life skills. “It’s research!”, I’ve told myself, “I’m a thorough researcher just flexing the muscle and staying on top of research methodology”. How can research be a bad thing? Having recently reflected upon the negative impacts that social media stalking and general rabbit hole tunnelling can have (including anxiety, lack of productivity, low self-value and being in a state of constantly seeking the instant gratification to which we’ve become accustomed) I’m officially placing myself on a stalk-lite diet. I can’t make grandiose promises of quitting, because I’m a realist and know that one day I’ll surely be required to use my powers for the greater good. But so far, cutting back on my 360 degrees stalking has been calming, clarifying.

Who else is keen on owning some flaws for Flawgust?


Confessions of a Neglector

Hello everyone, my name is Irnin and I’m a neglector. It’s been 110 days since my last post. But I’m back, a lady with a plan, and ready to change into the kind of blogger who’s blog has an actual readership!

During the past few months of summer, I realised a great deal of things. I’ve had a lot of time to think, regroup and calm down. I went overseas in December and learned the healing powers of minimalism and developed a strong dislike of clutter and over-abundance of material things. Following my return, I set upon a mission of cleaning and de-cluttering my life, both literally and otherwise. Clothes I’d kept around for years without wearing were swiftly discarded. Things that once seemed so important to hold onto, suddenly lost their position of gravity in my mind. I’m still fighting the urge to take everything out of my room and just start afresh. I’ve felt quite at unease with most of my usual habits, and found myself forging healthier ones. I think as a result of this process of paring back, I feel a lot more tranquil than usual, a lot less perturbed. As well as a lot more stimulated to create again. I’ve picked up my cameras again, after neglecting them for just over a year.

After I got back to Sydney, I unintentionally threw myself into crazy amounts of work, between my different jobs. 4am wake-ups, 6am starts and 6pm finishes, day after day after day. I learned that I’m capable of a lot more than I thought. So this year, I’m determined to challenge myself and push my limits. I’m determined to be bold, be amazing, be excellent and be phenomenal! There will be photos and experiments, art and design, lists, project and DIY instructionals. Stay tuned.


Winter Wonderland?

For the first time ever, I’ve decided to try and embrace this ungodly season they call Winter. (As you can see, it’s still a challenge)

But I thought to myself, the only way to suffer through winter is by celebrating it! After all, I guess there are SOME good things involved.. like knitting, hot chocolate, endless mugs of soup, ugg boots, gumboots, drawing on steamed surfaces, doons and hot water bottles, friday fright nights with the BFF, snowflake making parties, bed socks, baked goods…. and most of all, a great excuse to stay in!!!

As it happened last year, I’ve once again become obsessed with cooking! Masterchef is part of the reason of course.  I’ve taken it a little bit further this year (in the logical direction) of actually writing down all my invented and tweaked  recipes so I won’t desperately regret forgetting all my added secret ingredients to recipes!  Needless to say, since I already have a slightly unnatural love and obsession with notebooks, I’m in love with my one that’s slowly becoming full of recipes.

My favourite dish of the season so far has been Spicy Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Garlic/Lime Aioli… YUM! Try it, you will have no regretskies, I guarantee it.


6 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into chips
2 tbs olive oil
salt and pepper, to taste
1 tsp chilli powder


1. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees celsius
2. In a plastic bag, combine all ingredients and shake the bag til chips are evenly marinaded.
3. Spread the chips out in a single layer over two trays, don’t overcrowd them.
4. Bake in pre-heated oven for 20 mins, or until crispy and brown on one side. Turn over and bake for another 20 mins or until crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  Cooking time will vary depending on how thick you cut your chips.

Note: Highly recommend cutting them thick, for a beautiful tender fry. Cut them too thin and you end up with the overly crispy dud string bits of a box of chips.

Thought for the day

If you have any passion to know yourself better than you knew it before, go someplace that is completely and utterly foreign to you. Go with no one else, go by yourself, go with no plans, and no conceptions about what it is going to be.