Sunshine in May

For the month of May, I’ve decided to take on the challenge of eliminating all negativity from my life.  After the Vegan Challenge where I dealt with self-control in regards to pre-meditated actions, I thought I’d try my hand at administering my own Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (which teaches people that they can change their behaviour if they are aware of the impact of their negative thoughts). I think it’ll be a great detox of sorts, and a true challenge to change the way I think and react to things, large and small, from losing a source of income to missing a train.

1. No complaining or expressing words of the “woe is me” variety.
2. No gossiping or bitching, even if it seems harmless.
3. No temper-induced words.
4. No sarcasm.
5. No more cursing or flipping the bird at people (even though they never see or hear me) when they wrong me whilst driving.
6. Curb any negative opinions.
7. Make sure my words or actions don’t make anyone else feel down.

1. When I feel my temper or rising or frustrations surfacing, take a few deep breaths.
2. Think about every word before I speak it. Find positive ways to express myself.
3. When a bad situation comes about, strive to find the sunny side of it and know that it will turn out OK (it always has before).
4. Smile at everyone, even if there’s unresolved beef there.
5. Remove some negative words and phrases from the daily-usage-bank: hate, this sucks/ bites/ blows, bad, never, I can’t/ won’t, fail.
6. Change a negative opinion into either a positive from another angle, or at least a neutral.
7. Use the affirmation cards I made a few years ago as daily feel-good sources.
8. Treat everyone with the kindness and politeness I daily show to strangers and acquaintances.
9. Aim to not only focus on the negatives I’m avoiding; truly celebrate the positives too.