I’d like to just call myself ineffable or an enigma and be done with it, but actually I just hate writing self-proclamatory intros.

I’m just a small, brown girl… living in a lonely world, I take the midnight train going anywhere. My parents are currently trying to talk me into an arranged marriage because I am apparently lame at finding suitable brown boys to date. I’m dodging their attempts by yelling “Don’t Stop! Believing!” every time the subject is raised.

I’m a creative (graphic designer, jeweller, photographer, writer, magician etc.) and recent post-grad, having just finished a Masters in Design. The job market being woeful as it is, a lot of my writing at the moment is about life expectations not being met, and the painful transition from carefree uni student into disgruntled adult. One thing that hasn’t changed during that transition is my addiction to dvd box sets and (often trashy) pop culture, which is also something I write alot about.  My jewellery and other creative practices are usually experimental, intuitive and the things I love doing to keep my hands busy.


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