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November 24, 2015 / Irninology

Jewellery Bar

Since my return from overseas, I’ve been working away on a new collection of jewellery…

Inspired by the marriage of hard and soft materials, the Jewellery Bar collection draws upon geometry and boho-chic to create an eclectic range of statement pieces for the girl of contradictions; the one who curates her personal brand as a fusion of contrasting elements.


Jewellery Bar by Irninology


This collection, alongside many new pieces of jewellery, will be exclusively available for purchase at the Sydney Etsy Xmas market this coming Saturday, November 28th 2015.


** For enquiries and a high-res jewellery catalogue, please contact me via the form below 🙂


November 3, 2015 / Irninology

Markets of the Month

Just in time to meet any quirky, chic and geometric needs you may have over the holidays, brand new Irninology jewellery and stationery ranges are coming to Sydney markets this month! My jewellery line is all about playful statement pieces in strong colour combinations, whilst my stationery collection is focused on positive affirmations. Stay tuned for more updates about each!

Alongside my super-talented, hilarious illustrator buddy Humyara, you will find me this coming weekend at not one, but two awesome markets!


1. The Redfern Night Markets

Friday 6th November, 2015

Redfern Community Centre. 29 – 53 Hugo Street, Redfern.

4.30pm – 9.30pm


Visit the facebook page for more information about the event and my fellow stallholders.


2. Dear Pluto’s Allsorts Market (part of Newtown Festival)

Saturday 7th November, 2015

Newtown Hotel. 174 King Street, Newtown.

10am – 4pm


Visit the facebook page for more information about the event and my fellow stallholders.


Hope to see you there. If not, my products are also slowly (but surely) trickling into my Etsy store, for your perusal.


October 29, 2015 / Irninology

Halloween Poems. Part 3

Tricks and Treats

Trick or treat, hear my heartbeat
Speeding, but I’ll be discreet.
When you’re near, you commandeer
My breath til I’m in disrepair.

Treat or trick, my heart you flick,
To the beat of your drumsticks.
At me you’ll glance, I’ll be entranced,
And daydream our entire romance.

Trick or treat, hit the streets,
If my fondness for you will make you retreat.
When you leave, I’ll clutch at air,
But I’ll know we’re not to be a pair.


– Irnin Khan


Trick or Treat

image source

October 22, 2015 / Irninology

Halloween Poems. Part 2


I don’t wish to be the candied apple of your eye,

It’s too high a pedestal for your affections to climb.

Instead, carve my nose with the tips of your fingers,

Shape my eyes with a gaze that lingers.

You can trace the scars and ridges of my shell,

As long you’ll have me, I’ll sit under your porch bell.

Wearing nothing but my widest grin,

I’ll be your pumpkin.


– Irnin Khan



image source

October 14, 2015 / Irninology

Halloween Poems. Part 1


Every time I begin to think I see you, in your eyes so blue,

I find myself suddenly hurled down the slopes of Kathmandu.

Even when it turns my world askew,

I remain waiting in this endless queue. For you.

How many times must I unmask you until I reach your core?

I have to tell you that my hands and my heart are starting to feel sore,

From engaging in this dance of yours.

After it all, when you find yourself swaying alone on the dance floor,

Know that you won’t ever find me forlorn.


– Irnin Khan

October 1, 2015 / Irninology

Single and Fabulous. Exclamation Point.

As we end the month some refer to as ‘Sextember’, I wanted to reflect on what it currently means to me to be a single girl. Various books, articles and Instagram feed scrolls later, I began to collate words of affirmation for myself, and this is what eventually came of it.


September 9, 2015 / Irninology

Moodboard: The Spring Diaries



the birds and the bees are pleased as peas,

as they spy fields of daisies, swaying with ease.

tees and frisbees, floating through the spring breeze,

out with the onesies, in with the posies,

tis the season of follies, whimsies and that springtime chemise.


*image credits (clockwise from top left)

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6

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