Jewellery Bar

Since my return from overseas, I’ve been working away on a new collection of jewellery…

Inspired by the marriage of hard and soft materials, the Jewellery Bar collection draws upon geometry and boho-chic to create an eclectic range of statement pieces for the girl of contradictions; the one who curates her personal brand as a fusion of contrasting elements.

Jewellery Bar by Irninology

This collection, alongside many new pieces of jewellery, will be exclusively available for purchase at the Sydney Etsy Xmas market this coming Saturday, November 28th 2015.


From Feti, with Love

My most recent collection of jewellery is inspired by the half year I spent living in and loving a little town on the south coast of Turkey, called Fethiye. Aside from the scenes of my daily life there being a sumptuous feast for the eyes, I was drawn to the ornamentalism present within every aspect of Turkish life. From the endless variation of the ‘evil eye’ showing up everywhere, to the richness of tile patterns… I came to see that sometimes more is more! Here lies a look into the depths of my romance with Fethiye: a love letter in jewellery form.

From Feti, with Love

street viewstreet view earrings - IK

Almost every street was lined with beautiful combinations of colour and texture.

dockyarddockyard necklace - IK

A dockyard in Fethiye…  filled with character and so many OH&S violations!

eggplant drop earrings - IKeggplant eggplant bracelet - IK

And of course, food was a huge part of the turkish experience!

To see more pieces from this collection, please visit the Irninology Facebook page.

To place orders or to see the full catalogue, please feel free to email me.

Got Milk?

Introducing one of my new products that debuted (splendidly if i do say so myself) at A Little Bazaar.  Adorable, animated and appropriate fridge magnets, sure to liven up your fridge correspondences. At $4 a pop, get em while they’re fresh off the crate.

(Almost) Famous

My felt brooches have received a little claim to fame in the past couple of weeks…

I’m a little awe-struck having my brand name in an ad within my absolutely fav mag! Big shout out to Frankie magazine (and Angela from Leeloo for making it happen)!

Frankie June 09 Leeloo

(I’m in the box closest to the puppy paw)

And also, the unexpected surprise of a mention in one of my most-read mags when I was a wee-tween…. Girlfriend magazine!! I’ll be honest, it’s still an entertaining read in places! Thank you GF!

GF June 09 The Index

(The owl, pineapple and mixtape combo on the right-centre)