Hello everyone, my name is Irnin and I’m a neglector. It’s been 110 days since my last post. But I’m back, a lady with a plan, and ready to change into the kind of blogger who’s blog has an actual readership!

During the past few months of summer, I realised a great deal of things. I’ve had a lot of time to think, regroup and calm down. I went overseas in December and learned the healing powers of minimalism and developed a strong dislike of clutter and over-abundance of material things. Following my return, I set upon a mission of cleaning and de-cluttering my life, both literally and otherwise. Clothes I’d kept around for years without wearing were swiftly discarded. Things that once seemed so important to hold onto, suddenly lost their position of gravity in my mind. I’m still fighting the urge to take everything out of my room and just start afresh. I’ve felt quite at unease with most of my usual habits, and found myself forging healthier ones. I think as a result of this process of paring back, I feel a lot more tranquil than usual, a lot less perturbed. As well as a lot more stimulated to create again. I’ve picked up my cameras again, after neglecting them for just over a year.

After I got back to Sydney, I unintentionally threw myself into crazy amounts of work, between my different jobs. 4am wake-ups, 6am starts and 6pm finishes, day after day after day. I learned that I’m capable of a lot more than I thought. So this year, I’m determined to challenge myself and push my limits. I’m determined to be bold, be amazing, be excellent and be phenomenal! There will be photos and experiments, art and design, lists, project and DIY instructionals. Stay tuned.



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